Friday, January 2, 2015

Big News and Freebie

So I really should have made this post a month ago, but my laptop keyboard was having problems. 

It is with a sad heart that I must say that I have stepped down from selling at TPP. I thought on this for quite a long time, and I do believe this will be the best for me in the future. Thank you to all who have supported me while I was selling there ♥

Now with that said, that doesn't mean I am retiring or anything like that. Just on a hiatus at the moment. I need to square some things away and I'll be back soon with more news!

Now, since my tubes are no longer available, I thought I would make some of my older girls FREE!!! Yay right! I will sporadically add new ones so keep an eye out.

First tube available is Carmen, you can grab her HERE

Please if you download, leave a comment letting me know ♥ And also have a look at the TOU file included in the zip.

No license is required, and she is PERSONAL use ONLY

Thanks for the love lovies :)